Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Why I do this.

This essay will detail the decisions that brought me to where I am as a Senior Fine Art student. It will also expand upon the rational and process behind my current body of work.

I arrived at this professional choice by my dissatisfaction with all non-creative endeavors. I have always been a creative thinker and through trial and error found some proficiency in artistic process. I joined the arts because a friend had suggested that it would be a fitting venue to outlet my desire for creativity. It is also a place from which voices and opinions can be given public reception. I entered Ringling the next year and knew that fine art was the place where I could create on my own terms and have my own art viewed without the need of sponsorship or corporate responsibility.

The direction for my current direction came from an interaction I had this summer. A character trait of mine that I was up until then oblivious to made itself known to me. The epiphany that not only was this trait a part of my behavior, but also antithetical to who I had always imagined myself to be was startling. I then began to wonder what other parts of my psyche were built into myself without my conscious consent. The idea evolved into cataloging the traits that make up my being and discovering how to erase and correct the parts I had not approved. The body of work will be almost a by-product of this process. It will in some instances be a chronology, and a commentary in others. By discussing and evaluating the merits with peers I finally settled on selected parts of the process I could reasonably work through in a semester.