Monday, December 13, 2010

Dave Hickey

In the Birth of the Big, Beautiful Art Market, Dave Hickey shows some emotional angst that is not found in the other chapters of Air Guitar. He relates modern art customizing to the car Renaissance of the 50's and 60's. He writes about his excitement over the new customizable art of the 60's and the synergy between the market of art and the art of American commerce. He then goes on to relate how the art market grabbed the tweaking and customizing and enfolded it back into itself. How it succeeded in sucking in all a attempts to break free of it. It became an Oroborus. Perpetuating itself by becoming what was created to destroy it. He talks about art moving to the floor not as a rebellion against the standard but because the standard had left no other place for it. Art had outpaced it's demand.

I think this reading affects how I view the market of art and how the "Art World" functions. My own work is at it's heart more in the direction of public art and is not fully tied to the contemporary art market, but I do intend to do some work that will be placed into this machine and the views in this article are a good reality check for people about to enter this world.

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