Sunday, December 12, 2010

Elezabeth Grosz

In the chapter of her book "Chaos, Territory, Art" titled "Deleuze and the Framing of the Earth" Elezabeth Grosz postulates that art comments on concepts instead of creating them. It intensifies sensation through organization. It injests materials and excretes concept. She examines the origins of life and says that by being an unstable process, the evolution of life is an artistic one. She states that aesthetics were birthed by the creation of dual sexes. She expresses that art pulls from the excess of nature to create it's own excess. For her, the axiom of art is the frame, binding and limiting chaos. She uses architecture as an example of the framing,condensing and processing of nature. Art for her is about rhythm and vibration. Enacting these on the viewer in ways that other forces cannot.

This reading did not have much of an effect on the way I look at my work. She speaks about making the invisible visable through art, which I agree with. My work is more about breaking down the barriers between the minds eye and what it COULD see, if it only tried. Her views on framing and containing chaos is interesting but also does not greatly affect my work as my work is about splicing art seamlessly into the world.

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