Monday, December 13, 2010

Flash Mob, Belgum

In this video a flash mob begins to dance to the song Do, Re, Mi from The Sound of Music. Over two hundred people begin to form rough lines and more pour in as the song progresses. I find the idea of flash mobs interesting. Although it is funny to me that they seem to be predominantly at train stations. The idea of people coming together for a brief time and then returning to their lives is a nice concept. Although that is not truly the case. It is only spontaneous to the viewers. The performers have practiced this routine for some time and the "spontaneous" is actually a well choreographed and planned out event. The actors are not taking a break from their daily lives. This duality is the more interesting content. As irony and duality are a big part of my work I can appreciate this although in my case it is intentional and I don't believe that this irony is intended in the work of flash mobs.

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