Sunday, December 12, 2010

Semester Plan

This semester I am starting an artistic journey that will span decades. Affecting change is something many people strive toward. However, most people fail to truly reach the place where change begins. I am looking inward this semester. I am dissecting my mind and my mode of living. In this, I don't seek to unravel who I am. Who I am is a matter of history and my experiences. I am endeavoring to unlock HOW I am. How I accept or reject input from my surroundings. How I process that input. How I feel about it and why.

As a first step I will be devoting the semester to an array of psychoanalytical process. I will be in therapy sessions with the psychologist at the Pearson Counseling Center. I will also be interviewing people that know me on various levels. These will be conducted in standard Q&A style as well as in other less traditional methods. I will also be keeping research journals detailing my daily experiences and the various ways that my mental reactions to those can be broken down.

The work that is based on this research will be as my work has always been, content created. It will be primarily sculpture and installation. The material will be dictated by the concept of the work. As I am devoting a large amount of time to the very slow and tedious process of mental analysis most of my finished work will be in the second semester. If additional work is needed, side work will be created.

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