Monday, December 13, 2010


My research this semester has been internal. I have explored as many ways as I can of self discovery. There are two types of research I have been doing, self analysis and external analysis.


*Daily journal broken down as follows

1) Events | Emotions | Intellectual Responses to the Emotion

2) Events | Thought | Emotional Response to Thought

I alternate these Journals daily so as to get a better understanding of the synergy between my thought process and my emotional process. These journals will not be available for viewing but the content will be reinterpreted into kinetic sculpture.


*Interviews of people that know me at this moment.
*4 to date, roughly 7 will be conducted.
*these will be incorporated into sculpture work.

*These will be single question and will be used directly in performance work for my senior show.
*One completed, two more will be conducted before the show.

*Professional Analysis
*I have finished my first round of sessions with the Physcologist and will begin with a Psychiatrist in the Spring semester.
*These will be displayed directly. Being spoken in a performance for the senior show.

My research is coming along very well. The process is excruciatingly tedious and long. Breaking down a persons mentality into the smallest common denominators is not a quick one, but the results are interesting and will make for work that does not leave room for dismissal as half-assed. It is very important to me that in my work, people see the depth of my analysis so they cannot dismiss it on the grounds that it was not through. I want people to be taken aback at the level to which I excavated my subconscious.

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