Monday, December 13, 2010

Roberta Smith

In Who Needs a White Cube These Days, Roberta Smith takes a look at the culture trends of Gallery owners and the moderate outstretches from the standard gallery model. She looks at Mary Boone's use of another gallery owner, the small spaces of the Wrong Galleries and Gavin Brown's Bar. She looks at Michele Maccarone's "retail space" and Emily Sundblad's "living room" gallery. She shows many forms of the same beast and keeps it within the bounds of high class society.

This is another example of a reading that is important for us in that it is relevant to the market we are going to find ourselves in next year (a few years if we are attending grad school.) It is interesting to see the ways that the art market folds out and then folds back in on itself as Dave Hickey alluded to in the previous reading.

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