Monday, December 13, 2010

Erica Goode

In "Among the Inept, Researchers Discover, Ignorance Is Bliss" Erica Goode recounts a study done by Dr. David A. Dunning at Cornell University. In the study Dr. Dunning finds that the more incompetent a person is at something, the more likely they are to think they are doing well. He finds that the ability to judge our own abilities is linked to our knowledge.

This reading is completely relevant to my own work. As I was saying in a critique last week, we are all ignorant of our own ignorance and our subconscious has the unique ability to fill in our ignorance with half formed information and relay it to the conscious as absolute truth. I was saddened that someone argued the point even after reading this article. The subject of "What we don't know about ourselves" is the main crux of my work. Sifting the mind for the context by which it relates information to events. Also the judging of abilities, personality traits, and knowledge and how our self perceptions do not always stem from truth but sub-conscious fabrication. This reading was custom tailored for my work.

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